Get clarity and guidance on building a high-impact B2B SaaS content marketing strategy

 Work side-by-side with Hubspot-certified content marketing strategist Alaura Weaver and walk away with a customer-obsessed gameplan for growth.


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One conversation can mean the difference between chaos and crazy-smart strategy.

In this 90-minute intensive session, I'll help you identify tangible goals for growth, your biggest content roadblocks, and biggest opportunities to win more engagement from your target audience. 

After our session, you'll walk away with a point-by-point roadmap to winning the attention, trust, and business of your ideal customers. 

You get:  

✓ a 90-minutes 1-on-1 with a certified content marketing strategist, including professional feedback and actionable tactics/solutions to get you unstuck and moving forward  

✓ a video recording of our session, so you can focus on solving problems, not taking notes

It’s like renting a certified content strategist and zapping your business with pure, undiluted brain power.  


Show up with your most nerve-wracking content marketing conundrums. Leave bursting with ideas and tactics to supercharge your growth with customer-obsessed content.

"Alaura is that Double-Eagle-rare combination of passion and expertise. 

She’s on fire with customer-obsession and human, story-based copywriting -- but she’s also a masterful producer who executes with power and precision and a keen focus on real results. 

If you’re a SaaS founder in search of a thoughtful, driven strategist who believes in customer connection above all, you want to work with Alaura."

Michal Eiskowitz, B2B Conversion Strategist

Your Yoda of SaaS content marketing strategy, I am.

Hi, I'm Alaura Weaver: Content Marketing Jedi.

Growing SaaS companies come to me for help when they're ready to:

- Attract ready-to-convert leads

- Spark sales growth without paid advertising

- Build communities of fans

- Bring down the Empire (aka crappy, thrown-together content written for algorithms instead of people)

Instead of the Force, I guide my clients in harnessing the power of Story-driven Content. 

After putting my recommendations into practice, my SaaS clients have seen increases to website traffic by 6,800% and 10x jumps in conversions. 

My approach to content marketing has been featured in Copy Hackers, Copyblogger, Conscious Company, Foundr and various podcasts like Hotjar's The Humans Strike Back. 

Here are just some of the big questions you'll have an answer to after our 90-minute session:

Who are we targeting?  

Customer Discovery

Come up with a plan on gathering data from your best customers so you can attract more people like them.

Why are we doing this?  

Brand Story

Talk through what matters most to you and then put it together into a cohesive, inspiring statement to drive your brand voice as you create content. 

Where will our content appear?

Content channels 

Discover the best places to promote and publish your content for the most engagement. 

What will our content be about?

Content topic research

Identify the burning questions your target audience needs answered and come up with a plan of action on creating and publishing the content to fulfill those needs. 

How will we know it's a success?

Key Performance Indicators

Find out what data sets you'll need to track to see if your content efforts are paying off. 

When will we publish?

Editorial Calendar

Plot out a preliminary editorial calendar so your team has a timeline for making it all happen. 

How will we promote our content?

Promotional workflow

Know what steps to take to ensure your content gets seen and shared by your highest-potential audience

How can we get the most traction with older content?

Content repurposing

Find out how to recycle previously published content so your target buyers can discover it in a fresh, new format.


You Schedule. We Have Our Session. Boom: Done. 

No waitlists, no back-and-forth emails, no lengthy applications. 

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